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"There is a positive interpretation of the crucifixion that is wholly devoid of fear, if it is properly understood"
 - 'A Course in Miracles'

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"There is a positive interpretation of the crucifixion that is wholly devoid of fear, if it is properly understood"
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'The Message of the Crucifixion' is a Practical Guide to healing: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. It is the first video in the 'Therapeutic Thinking' Series.  The videos can be viewed in any order without loss of effectiveness.

There is no element of fear in this video - only love.

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'Therapeutic Thinking' is happy, peaceful, loving, caring, forgiving thinking. It heals the mind.  It also heals the body at a profound biochemical and cellular level.

Therapeutic Thinking is inspired by the life and work of Jesus, a spiritual master whose teaching and healing powers transcend denominational and religious boundaries.  Jesus taught peace, love and forgiveness.

Therapeutic Thinking is peaceful, loving, forgiving thinking.
Therapeutic thinking promotes healing of both body and mind.
Therapeutic thinking is a thinking strategy that can be taught and learned.

Therapeutic Thinking comprises 'Body-management' and 'Mind- management'.

An example of Body-management
People who think about their bodies, who care about what they inhale and ingest and who take regular exercise, suitable probiotics, vitamin and mineral supplements, can expect to be healthier and live longer than those who neglect their bodies.

An example of Mind-management
Relaxation, meditation, reduction of stress, positive thinking and a fighting spirit increase immunity to disease, including high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.

'The Message of the Crucifixion' was written, directed and filmed by Dr Michael Midgley, who has lived with ME for over 40 years.

It is a unique, unorthodox, thought-provoking, non-sectarian and non-authoritarian 29-minute video, which comes with a companion booklet. It uses the crucifixion of Jesus as a symbol to represent the physical suffering which we all experience, to a greater or lesser extent, in our lives.

Based on a book called: 'A Course in Miracles', it portrays Jesus’ gentle, warm, loving interpretation of his own suffering upon the cross and uses this interpretation to suggest how we may best respond to our own feelings of persecution and bitterness resulting from ME. It proclaims a message of love, forgiveness and healing. But viewers need not perceive Jesus as a religious figure in order to be healed by his ideas.

'The Message of the Crucifixion' is available for sale worldwide on this website as a 29-minute VHS Cassette and a DVD - in both PAL (UK etc) and NTSC (USA etc) formats.  (CONTACT us if you are in doubt about which format you need).

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Review by a minister of religion
'The Message of the Crucifixion' represents a unique multi-media teaching tool designed to 'unpack' one of the key teachings of A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  It is bound to be helpful to those who may find the Course teachings a bit daunting; especially in the way they challenge virtually all of the central assumptions underlying Christian orthodoxy.  It will also help people to better understand the Course's thought system, which is both radical and abstract.

As the title of the video and book combination suggests, the theme of this presentation is the Crucifixion of Jesus.  Anyone familiar with popular Christian teaching on this subject (e.g. Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins) is bound to become aware of the fact that the Course's interpretation of the Crucifixion is in stark contrast:  here, instead of being commended in transactional terms, the death of Jesus is seen as an extreme example of unconditional love that serves to demonstrate that pain, persecution and death have no meaning.

This book + video set represents a skilful presentation of Course concepts in dialogue form, which makes them very much easier to assimilate.  The result is a both pleasing and lucid.

The author and producer comes to this subject as one who has experienced ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) for much of his life. He claims to have achieved a 95% remission through the application of the Course's principles, which have promoted an inner peace that has mediated a therapeutic adjustment of both his physical and his mental environment.  While this book and video will therefore have a special meaning for those with ME symptoms, it is likely to appeal to others as well.

The Reverend F. Hugh Magee, MA. Priest of the Scottish Episcopal Church

Review by a sufferer from severe ME

This is an unusual and thought provoking video, on the subject of the Crucifixion of Jesus. The video will be of interest to all, but it is particularly aimed at those experiencing physical suffering due to illness.

Powerful images, stories and unorthodox ideas throughout the video invite the viewer to reconsider their own beliefs and ways of thinking. The story of the Crucifixion is shown in a moving and striking way. Various people then speak about their own opinions of its meaning. A particularly inspiring section is Jesus himself being portrayed and speaking about His own Crucifixion. In addition, He answers searching and difficult questions posed by one of the presenters. All words spoken by Jesus are quotes from “A Course in Miracles”. The video shows real life examples of how people have applied these ideas to their own situations. The quotes are also interpreted and explained in considerable detail in the accompanying booklet. The booklet also has sections on frequently asked questions, clarification of terms and how the message of the crucifixion could be put into practice.

There is no attempt whatsoever to force any particular belief on the viewer. However, the viewer may see the crucifixion in a completely new way in the light of this video and booklet. This could lead to transformation on many levels.

This sufferer wished to remain anonymous

Comments made by viewers
Good to deal with the 'coping' side of ME.
Communication from the floor at a showing of the video.

The video was very helpful. ME has . . . started to teach people many lessons. - Personal communication to the director.

Hugely beneficial. I will continue to study the ideas - and put them into practice! - Letter to the director.

The conversation with Christ had the effect of reconnecting me and I felt that my energy was flowing, I felt revived. It is another step for me. Thank you for being my first introduction to ME. I could so easily have continued in confusion were it someone else giving the talk. - Female respondent at a talk and a screening of the video to an ME Support Group.

I did some rethinking. I experienced the peace of the Lord . . . the discussion was helpful and I am always in favour of any presentation which causes us to consider the claims of Jesus Christ on our lives. - Female respondent at a talk and a screening of the video to an ME Support Group.

I liked Jesus' voice. The ending is the best thing I've seen. - Margaret More, Retired Government Servant.

It made my faith stronger - Convicted prisoner, male.

A video that will surely encourage individuals to question the beliefs of the church and thus help to erase the burden of guilt and fear. - General public, female.

The video had a good effect - its a pity the discussion couldn't have gone on longer - Convicted prisoner, male.

Clearly presented, the peace of mind being reflected in the video presentation itself, besides the content. General public, female.

Liveliest discussion among members/public at Theosophical Society meeting. Seemed to touch hearts and minds quite remarkably. Good to know that videos such as this are being shown these days. Thank you - Theosophist, female.

The video will be of interest to all, but it is particularly aimed at those experiencing physical suffering due to illness. There is no attempt whatsoever to force any particular belief on the viewer - Severe ME sufferer.

There were tears running down my cheeks at the end - 'A Course in Miracles' student and businessman, male.

Amazon Star Rating *****: (maximum).  It has been shown to many self-help groups, stimulating much spirited discussion on each occasion.

Computer analysis of questionnaires has demonstrated a therapeutic effect on many viewers. This therapeutic effect may be emotional and/or intellectual and/or spiritual. Full results of this survey can be found in our book:  'Healing With Images'.

The video features three characters:

Storyteller, who tells stories and parables;

Presenter, who guides the viewer through the video and debates with the principal character:

Jesus himself.
Early viewers found difficulty assimilating the concepts presented in the video during the screening. Indeed, several viewers asked to see the video for a second and even a third time, in order to gain a greater understanding of these concepts. The Companion Book was written specifically to to clarify the concepts.  It comes with the video.

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